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Requesting tissue samples

KTB samples are restricted for use for breast cancer research only. Samples of tissues and biomolecules which have been collected by the Komen Tissue Bank may be requested by completing a Tissue Request Proposal Form:

  1. Do not complete the form on the website. First save the blank form to your computer, THEN complete the form.
  2. Save your completed form as a PDF file.
  3. Email the PDF as an attachment to

Download the Request Form

Researcher Spotlights: Sanchita Bhatnagar, PhD

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

D. Bhatnagar’s lab advances our understanding of the epigenetic regulation of mammalian gene expression. Her team focuses on epigenetic mechanisms that provide an avenue for more effective intervention and treatment strategies.

Q&A with KTBThe Bhatnagar Lab

Cost recovery

The KTB endeavors to make this process as efficient and transparent as possible, and we charge minimal cost recovery fees for samples.

View the Cost Recovery Schedule

I came after applying for an Army of Women study. It is important that we do this for each other. Women have been taking care of each other for millennia, let’s keep taking care of each other.

Nina — Tissue Donor

About the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank

The Komen Tissue Bank is the only repository in the world for normal breast tissue and matched serum, plasma, and DNA. We are transforming breast cancer research by offering normal, high-quality, richly annotated tissue samples to scientists worldwide.

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