Lung Cancer Research Explained

We’re finding answers about every stage of lung cancer

One overarching question guides our lung cancer research: If we don’t do this research, will it be done?

Our goal is to answer important questions about improving the lives of lung cancer patients—questions others may not be asking. The answers we find expand treatment options, increase survival, and enhance patients’ quality of life. 

Guided by that overarching question, our researchers can answer critical questions more quickly, explore drug combinations that have fewer side effects, see whether immunotherapy might benefit patients with early-stage disease, and evaluate biomarkers that tell us if a person’s cancer has been eradicated and treatment can end.

The progress we make gives hope to lung cancer patients in Indiana and around the world.


It's time to end lung cancer—now

Together, we’re going to turn the tide against this disease.

Prevention Screening Advocacy

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What does someone with lung cancer look like?

When people find out Alesha Arnold has lung cancer, their typical response is, “But you didn’t smoke, did you?”

Alesha Arnold—a registered nurse who never smoked—was shocked by her diagnosis in 2019 at age 44. After testing, she learned she inherited a genetic vulnerability that unknowingly increased her risk for lung cancer.

Alesha Arnold, registered nurse and lung cancer patient, with her family

Now she’s fighting the stigma that smoking is the only cause of lung cancer. She’s adding her voice as an advocate through End Lung Cancer Now, our initiative to dispel myths, increase enrollment in clinical trials, and eliminate barriers for underrepresented populations.

Sadly, Alesha passed away Feb. 5, 2023. Her legacy lives on through our work with End Lung Cancer Now.

Alesha's JourneyEnd Lung Cancer Now 


Lung cancer doesn’t discriminate. If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.

Alesha Arnold, RN — Clinical research nurse and lung cancer patient

Clinical trials

We can cure cancer, but we can’t do it alone—find out if you or a loved one might qualify for one of our research studies.

Screening for lung cancer with a low-dose CT scan significantly reduces mortality, but less than 10 percent of eligible people participate.

Making progress and building hope

Listen to what End Lung Cancer Now founder Dr. Nasser Hanna has to say about the goals and importance of what we do.

Fewer than 5 percent of Hoosiers with cancer participate in a clinical trial, which means 95 percent of people with advanced cancers are not getting the better therapies of tomorrow.

Nasser Hanna, MD — Tom and Julie Wood Family Foundation Chair in Lung Cancer Clinical Research

Simon Says Expert Series

Our monthly video series brings together cancer center researchers and physicians, patient advocates, and others to talk about various cancer-related topics.

We’ve covered “chemobrain,” fear of cancer recurrence, health disparities, exercise and physical therapy, the emerging field of supportive oncology, and more.

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