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Unraveling the complexities of cancer

At Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, we know that research cures cancer.

IU has done it before: Four decades ago, an IU team led by Lawrence Einhorn, MD, developed the cure for testis cancer. This trailblazing work has since saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of young men worldwide. Today, Dr. Einhorn continues to work alongside nearly 300 cancer researchers dedicated to defeating cancer.

Our work is driven by constant reminders that science saves lives—including those of our own colleagues. Every day, research nurse Alesha Arnold, RN, fights cancer on two fronts: personally and professionally. When she offers a patient hope through participation in a clinical trial, she speaks from personal experience as the drug currently extending her life was only approved for her type of cancer in 2018.

Keep exploring to learn more about how research at IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center is improving lives in Indiana and beyond.

Cancer is very smart. It uses fascinating ways to escape targeted therapies.

Fabiana Perna, MD, PhD — Multiple myeloma and immunotherapy researcher

The strength of survivors: Steve’s story

A rare form of testicular cancer nearly claimed the life of then 39-year-old husband and father Steve Rennick. At one point, Steve’s chest was so riddled with tumors that he was in critical condition, struggling to breathe.

In 2020, Steve was an honoree at the annual Chuckstrong Tailgate Gala. Like fellow cancer survivor and event namesake Chuck Pagano, he knows the importance of cancer research for every patient and survivor.

Simon Says Expert Series

Our monthly video series brings together cancer center researchers and physicians, patient advocates, and others to talk about various cancer-related topics.

We’ve covered “chemobrain,” fear of cancer recurrence, health disparities, exercise and physical therapy, the emerging field of supportive oncology, and more.

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