Breast Cancer Research Explained

Angie’s story: “Breast cancer isn’t a one-size-fits-all”

Angie Steeno knows how terrifying a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)  is. She was already a 10-year survivor of a completely unrelated type of cancer when she learned she had TNBC.

Thanks to significant advances in genomics and personalized treatments, patients like Angie know there’s hope for a cure.

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Curious about clinical trials?

Dr. Kathy Miller has been treating breast cancer patients for more than 20 years—and she’s one of the world’s leading experts on breast cancer clinical trials.

Breast cancer expert Dr. Kathy Miller

Learn how she advises patients about the risks and benefits of participating in a research study.

Questions and answers about clinical trials with Dr. Miller

There is an incredible excitement, as a researcher, to be the first one to see promising results, and to design a clinical experiment to test them. That part of this job never gets old for me.

Kathy Miller, MD — Breast cancer physician-scientist
100 Voices of Hope. MB’s dream. Your impact.

100 Voices of Hope

A few years ago, Elizabeth Yeh, PhD, had a hunch about how to block cancer cells from metastasizing. She shared a few details about her idea, backed up by her lab’s previous discoveries, to a volunteer group called 100 Voices of Hope that directly funds promising breast cancer research.

Dr. Yeh titled her submission “Searching for a HUNK inhibitor” (no, not that kind of hunk). With the funding provided by 100 Voices of Hope, she’s continuing her work screening FDA-approved drugs that could block the molecule called HUNK (Hormonal Up-regulated Neu-associated Kinase) that’s critical for breast cancers to metastasize.

You can add your voice to the future of breast cancer research at IU by joining the inspirational team at 100 Voices of Hope. Your support could lead to the next big breakthrough.

Where does all this breast cancer research happen?

The full name of the facility is the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research at IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center. (Yes, that Vera Bradley).

Inside the 5,000+ square feet of lab space, you’ll find more than 35 investigators with expertise in everything from epigenetics and data science to cancer prevention and survivorship.

Visit the Vera Bradley Center website for even more inspiring examples of the groundbreaking work we’re doing to cure even the toughest tumors.

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We’ve covered “chemobrain,” fear of cancer recurrence, health disparities, exercise and physical therapy, the emerging field of supportive oncology, and more.

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