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IADEP Fellows are not considered IUPUI students, and as such, are not enrolled in any academic program. This precludes the use of any in-school deferment option. Fellows who are accepted into a qualifying graduate program can request the In-School Deferment. Income-driven repayment plans such as PAYE or RePAYE are alternative options for IADEP Fellows. These plans lower obligatory monthly student loan payments based on discretionary income.

All graduates have a six-month grace period before they are required to begin payments towards their federal student loan debt. Any applicant with questions related to student loans should contact their loan servicer.

IADEP Fellows are permitted to enroll into one prep course per semester. Fellows can use the IU Employee Tuition Benefit, which will cover a portion of in-state tuition fees. IADEP will contribute an additional $750 per semester. Fellows will be required to pay any fees in excess of what is covered by the program and the tuition benefit.

Please keep in mind the tuition benefit from the university will be taxed. Fellows must consult with the IADEP director before enrolling.

Applicants do not need a GRE score to apply to IADEP, but they are invited to include their score in their application should they have already taken the exam.

All fellows will participate in an extensive GRE review course during the IADEP and are highly encouraged to take the exam in preparation for this course. The program will cover each fellow’s GRE testing fees one time.

IADEP is open to all eligible post-baccalaureate students with intentions to earn an MD or PhD. However, please be aware that the application process and timelines for MD and MD/PhD programs differ from PhD programs (for example, requiring the MCAT vs. the GRE). IADEP does not currently provide MCAT preparation but could do so as the program evolves.


IADEP does not offer permanent housing to fellows, but it can provide assistance in finding housing and can offer a limited housing option during the first month of employment. Fellows are advised to explore housing options within the Indianapolis area during this time. Fellows newly arrived to Indianapolis can make use of IUPUI’s Living in Indianapolis resource page and Off-Campus Housing Guide to research housing options and recommendations.

For fellows living off-campus, having reliable transportation is imperative. It is recommended that fellows research the Transportation in Indianapolis resource page to familiarize themselves with travel options in the city and to decide if they will need a car.

Individuals from disadvantaged background are those who meet two or more of the following criteria:






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