Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core

Research and development of drugs and new chemical entities

The Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core (CPAC) facilitates the research and development of drugs and new chemical entities (NCEs) in support of internal and external investigators—in particular, members from:

  • IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center 
  • IU School of Medicine
  • Purdue University Center for Cancer Research

Our primary service is developing methods to quantify drugs, metabolites, and NCEs from a variety of biological matrices by utilizing our state-of-the-art ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer (UPLC-MS/MS). 

We assist investigators by providing detailed information on in vivo pharmacokinetics (PK), drug interactions, in vitro drug metabolic stability, formulation optimization, protein binding, and drug purity verification.

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CPAC instrumentation

CPAC houses state-of-the-art instrumentation for quantification of drugs, metabolites, and NCEs as an invaluable resource for investigators in the cancer center. 

The core has three (U) HPLC-MS/MS instruments:

  • Sciex 6500+ QTRAP
  • Sciex 5500 QTRAP
  • Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra

CPAC leadership

Sara Quinney, PhD

Sara Quinney, PhD

Scientific Director

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For more information, contact Zack Gunter, lab manager, at or 317-278-5266.


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