Patients and families

Patients and Families

We know that a diagnosis of lung cancer can be overwhelming and cause uncertainty and fear. A lack of awareness and undeserved stigma contribute to ongoing challenges for survivors (i.e., a person from the time of a cancer diagnosis until the end of life).

While support services exist, coordination of these services is often lacking. One of the goals of this initiative is to create a network of survivors and caregivers to adequately support patients and caregivers, reduce existing stigmas, and promote lung cancer awareness.

We know how important it is to connect patients with lung cancer and their family members with a range of survivorship and quality of life programs, both before and after treatment.

Our hope is that this page serves as a resource to answer some of your questions and help patients and families feel prepared and supported throughout your lung cancer journey. 

We are committed to being your partner in fighting lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Journey Guide