Research Centers & Initiatives

Curing cancer through transdisciplinary research

At IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, we know that finding a cure depends on a broad range of innovative basic, clinical, and translational research.

From exploring molecular changes to developing targeted therapies to addressing global health disparities, our collaborative research centers are making protocol-defining discoveries that influence treatments and save lives.

Our multidisciplinary research collaborations make “bench-to-bedside” medicine happen—every patient, every day.

Huda Salman, MD — Executive Director, Brown Center for Immunotherapy

Brown Center for Immunotherapy

Transforming treatment for cancer and neurodegenerative disorders

At the Brown Center for Immunotherapy, Huda Salman, MD, leads a team determined to defeat cancer—and other debilitating conditions—using the body’s innate defenses.

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Center for Global Oncology & Health Equity

IU has been instrumental in improving cancer care in Kenya. Now, our new Center for Global Oncology and Health Equity aims to expand that vision.

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Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research

A vibrant research community targeting hard-to-treat breast cancers

The Vera Bradley Foundation Center is home to our multidisciplinary team of physicians and scientists who are pushing the boundaries of modern medicine to spread hope and find a cure.

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Sharing space with folks who are experts in their fields, who are willing to share their knowledge, always leads to quality connections and fruitful discoveries.

Mark Kelley, PhD — Associate Director of Basic Science Research

Supportive Oncology Center of Excellence

In 2018, a gift from the Walter Cancer Foundation spurred the creation of a unique program that helps patients and their families manage the symptoms, pain and stress that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Through the dedication of program director Jim Cleary, MD, we’re now a leader in the emerging field of supportive oncology—and we’re building on that success with even more collaborative research and patient advocacy.

Cancer Drug Discovery & Development Accelerator

Using emerging technologies/equipment and computational tools, this multidisciplinary team is expanding accessible molecular space and drug development capabilities.

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