Experimental & Developmental Therapeutics (EDT) Research Program

Theme 2: Translation of mechanism-based therapies to the clinic

Aim 3

Conduct IND-enabling preclinical studies of antitumor agents.

Aim 4

Conduct mechanism-based clinical and biomarker-driven trials.

Mark Kelley, PhD

Nearly three decades of dedication by Mark Kelley, PhD, led to the development of APX3330, a molecular compound that targets a protein important to the development of several types of cancer. In 2009, Dr. Kelley translated this discovery into a start-up company called Apexian Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Kelley’s expertise in molecular biology has led to intellectual property rights on 12 published patents, with 16 more pending. They include new composition of matter and method of use patents for his lead drug and pipeline compounds.

More About Dr. Kelley’s Research

Shadia Jalal, MD

Through her leadership with the Hoosier Cancer Research Network, Shadia Jalal, MD, is leading a Phase II clinical trial to investigate a combined therapy for small cell lung cancer.

The study will help determine whether the combination of guadecitabine with carboplatin is better, the same, or worse than the standard treatment, and will evaluate the good and bad effects of this combined therapy.

Study Details

Team Science: National leaders in cancer research

Patrick Loehrer, MD

Patrick Loehrer, MD

Expertise: Thymoma and thymic carcinoma

Meet Dr. Loehrer
Kathy Miller, MD

Kathy Miller, MD

Expertise: Breast cancer clinical trials

Meet Dr. Miller
Richard Zellars, MD

Richard Zellars, MD

Expertise: Radiation oncology

Meet Dr. Zellars
Mateusz Opyrchal, MD, PhD

Mateusz Opyrchal, MD, PhD

Expertise: Metastatic breast cancer

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