Pancreatic Cancer

Using Immunotherapy Against Pancreatic Cancer

Today, immunotherapy has become commonplace in treating aggressive diseases such as lung cancer and breast cancer. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer tumors are encased in dense tissue, making it hard for immune cells to break through and preventing immunotherapy from being effective.

To help us deploy immunotherapy against pancreatic cancer, we’re adding a regional peer with expertise in immunotherapy to our team.

MARINA PASCA DI MAGLIANO, PHD, a researcher at the University of Michigan, has identified cells that help cancer lock out the immune system–and the molecular pathways they use to do it. Magliano will target those pathways in cell models. Then, she’ll see how they translate in models developed at IU using samples provided by patients and stored in Indianapolis.

Picking this lock could help future therapies gain access to tumors—and destroy them.

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