Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. Any time an individual needs treatment for cancer, clinical trials are an option to consider. 

Education and awareness about clinical trials has been proven to improve the likelihood of participation. We’re always happy to connect about community and health equity research studies.

Speakers bureau

Representatives of the cancer center look forward to appearing at your organization’s event to present on timely and important cancer health information.

Our health professionals and related experts can provide informative presentations for corporations, community groups, civic organizations, schools, churches, and businesses throughout Indiana.

Some of our most-requested topics include:

  • The HPV vaccine
  • Colon and prostate cancer screenings
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Health disparities and equity

Interested? Use our Partnership Interest Form to request a cancer expert for your next event.

Spotlight: Cultural events

You’ll find us at expos, festivals, and other cultural events across Indiana, talking about cancer prevention and encouraging screenings.

These engagements also ensure that cancer researchers and health providers understand, interact with, and elevate people from different cultures and belief systems.

Indiana Black Expo

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Indiana Latino Expo

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Indiana First Nations Powwow

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Asian Fest

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