In Vivo Therapeutics Core

IVT fees

The core is funded, in part, by grants and contracts of the investigators who utilize the facility. Due to the variety of in vivo models and drug regimens requested, the specific costs of a study will be calculated once the study design is finalized.

  • Weekend/after-hours/holiday rates will be two times the regular procedure rate, with minimum charge per trip ($191).
  • IUSCCC members receive discounted rates; contact Kristina Taylor at or 317-274-3893, for additional rate information.
  • External rates will be determined upon consultation.


ServiceIUSM RatesExternal Rate
NSG mice$31.76$39.70
NRG mice$35.23$44.04
NSGS mice$43.76$54.71
Boy J mice$41.36$51.70
C57 / Boy J F1 mice$39.30$49.12
C57BL/6J mice$27.97$34.96
Biohazard mouse room per diems$1.34$1.67
Conventional mouse room per diems$1.34$1.67
Irradiation (animals or cells)$43.51$54.39
Tattoo fees (animal identification)$2.48$3.10
Inhalation anesthesia fees (per hr- to cover O2, isoflurane)$11.42$14.27
Randomization & rehousing of animals$43.51$54.39
Manual palpation (for tumors)$1.35$1.69
Caliper Tumors$4.10$5.13
IV injection$6.84$8.56
SQ injection$4.10$5.13
IP, ID, IM injection, Oral dose$2.74$3.43
Intratumor injection$6.84$8.56
Studies with staggered times (dosing, bleeding, etc)$43.51$54.39
Body Weight$ 1.35$1.69
Survival or terminal bleed$6.84$8.56
Euthanize + formalin fixation (1-3 tissues, NO cassettes)$13.68$17.10
Euthanize + formalin fixation (4-6 tissues, NO cassettes)$14.36$17.95
Euthanize + formalin fixation (7-9 tissues, NO cassettes)$15.08$18.85
Euthanize + formalin fixation (10+ tissues, NO cassettes)$15.84$19.80
Euthanize + formalin fixation (1-3 tissues in cassettes)$25.43$31.79
Euthanize + formalin fixation (4-6 tissues in cassettes)$26.70$33.38
Euthanize + formalin fixation (7-9 tissues in cassettes)$28.04$35.05
Euthanize + formalin fixation (10+ tissues in cassettes)$29.44$36.80
Cost analysis & billing$43.51$54.39
Draft & submit study amendments$43.51$54.39
Drug Formulation (15 min increments)$43.51$54.39
Surgical Procedures / Orthotopic Implant$56.50$70.62
Data entry, analysis & graphing (2hrs/week)$43.51$54.39
Irradiation of mice prior to experiment$43.51$54.39
Sample processing$43.51$54.39
Animal identification (not via tattoo)$43.51$54.39
Surgical staple removal$43.51$54.39
Clinical observations / BCS scoring$43.51$54.39
Travel time (across campus)$43.51$54.39
Cellularity & Progenitor Analysis (Mouse BM or spleen)$64.12**$80.15**
Weekend rates will be 2 times the regular procedure rate, minimum per trip charge$196.00$245.01
Tissue Culture Fees$43.51$54.39
Lentiviral Transduction of cell line$43.51$54.39
Methylene Blue assay for cell viability after drug treatment$43.51$54.39
Tissue Culture supply fees (tubes, pipettes, tips, trypson, etc)$5.00$6.25
Mycoplasma testing cell line (required for in vivo studies)$77.22$96.53
Hematopoietic Progenitor Analysis (Human UCB)$42.79**$53.48**
IVIS imaging$65$81.82
IVIS data analysis$65$81.82
IVIS training$65$81.82
Irradiation “late” fee if >15 minutes late (with no written notice in advance)$43.51/hour + additional 10% for each subsequent occurrence
** This is for estimation purposes only. Acutal billed cost will include all needed supplies + actual effort


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