Pancreatic Cancer Research Explained

Pancreatic cancer is tough—but we’re tougher

Pancreatic cancer is cunning. It grows and spreads slowly. When it’s found, fate is often cruel. 

But our team is working to find new ways to detect pancreatic cancer. Our researchers are developing new therapies and launching clinical trials to test them. Our researchers also are studying how pancreatic cancer grows and resists drugs.

They are deploying precision genomics to help oncologists tailor therapies—and then mining the data for insights to help create diagnostic tests, find new drug targets, and see if a treatment works.

They also are studying harsh conditions inside the tumor to devise ways to crack the cancer cells, helping existing drugs to do their job.


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Clinical trials

We can cure cancer, but we can’t do it alone—find out if you or a loved one might qualify for one of our research studies.

Cancer in 3D: Donating a part of yourself to save lives

How vital can a small piece of cancer tissue truly be? To Melissa A. Fishel, PhD, and her colleagues, it’s crucial to better understand the complexity of the disease.

Using just one small piece of tissue, she can create a 3D model that grows a microtumor that activates normal cells to help it grow and survive.

Researchers from around the world are requesting Dr. Fishel’s 3D model to explore potential drug compounds.

Through biobanking and tissue donation, our patients play a pivotal role in changing the outlook for patients who come after them. Talk to your oncologist to find out how you can help.

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We have some exciting and innovative ways to look at this disease, find new targets, and create new drugs.

Melissa A. Fishel, PhD — Cancer researcher

Our lab strives for nothing less than to completely change the standard of care when it comes to cancer cachexia.

Theresa Zimmers, PhD — H.H. Gregg Professor of Cancer Research

Eugenia M. Baker Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

A daughter creates a fund to honor her mom in order to spare families from the suffering and loss caused by pancreatic cancer.

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The Rikki and Leonard Goldstein Chair in Cancer Research

A lung or pancreatic researcher at the cancer center will hold this new title sponsored by longtime cancer center supporters.

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Simon Says Expert Series

Our monthly video series brings together cancer center researchers and physicians, patient advocates, and others to talk about various cancer-related topics.

We’ve covered “chemobrain,” fear of cancer recurrence, health disparities, exercise and physical therapy, the emerging field of supportive oncology, and more.

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