PhD in Translational Cancer Biology

Indiana's unique PhD program in cancer biology

Reducing the burden of cancer requires rapid translation of research breakthroughs into clinical therapies—and that requires specifically trained cancer scientists.

Our new doctoral program in Translational Cancer Biology trains investigators not only in fundamental research, but also innovative fields like precision genomics, immunotherapy, drug development and screening, data science, and more.

Our PhD in Translational Cancer Biology is student-centered, workforce-aligned, and future-focused. Because we know that #ResearchCuresCancer.

Recent advances in genomics have revolutionized our understanding of cancer, but we need more cancer scientists to translate these findings into clinical practice.

Hari Nakshatri, PhD — Associate Director for Education

What you’ll learn

You'll complete course work and conduct research on wide range of cancer topics, including:

  • Cancer prevention and control;
  • Mechanisms of carcinogenesis;
  • Cancer genomics;
  • Signaling pathway alterations in cancer;
  • Biomarkers of cancer progression;
  • Developing novel therapies for specific cancers;
  • The impact of cancer on quality of life; and
  • Improving quality of life for survivors.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, expected job growth for medical scientists between 2020 and 2030 is 17 percent.

3Because cancer science is a dynamic field with an ever-expanding array of new technologies and innovations, we’ll continually update courses to incorporate the latest breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.

You'll learn in an academic setting where world-renowned laboratory research and clinical care take place side by side.


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