Pilot Projects

“Near-Miss” Initiative

Purpose: To provide funding to support IUSCC PI-directed applications to the National Cancer Institute with high potential for obtaining external funding that have been reviewed once and missed the NCI pay line. The goal is to increase the NCI funding base in the IUSCC.


  • Investigator has submitted an NCI (CA) R01 application that scored equal to or below a 30 percent and are re-submitting the proposal to NCI (i.e. A1s only).
  • Submit request for IUSCC funding only one time per grant.
  • If no percentile is available and only the overall impact score, the score must be 30 or below.
  • Cancer center members and non-members are eligible.

Only grants submitted to NCI. No exceptions.


Investigators wishing to apply to this funding mechanism must first submit a draft cover letter (described below) to one of the IUSCC Translational Research Coordinators (Crystal Munson and Kaitlin Condron) for approval by the IUSCC Executive Committee before working with the coordinator to submit a full application. 

Applications for funding must include:

  • A cover letter describing the rationale for the request and anticipated date of external grant resubmission.
  • A one-page proposal for use of the funding to include a timeline and/or map (via ITRAC mechanism) for accomplishing the proposed work and identified benchmarks necessary for high likelihood for achieving a fundable score upon new submission.
  • A proposed budget and justification for the funding. (Maximum allowable amount for R01 grants is $50K).
  • Specific Aims page of the originally submitted grant application.
  • The reviewer critiques of the application with score and percentile.
  • The proposed responses to those critiques and plans on how the application will be improved for resubmission.

Review Process

  • Review of application and funding will be performed by a committee composed of the IUSCC program leaders and a final review for determination of funding will be performed by the IUSCC Executive Committee.
  • Applications must be a NCI R01. No exceptions.
  • Submission can be at any time.
  • The review committee will consider the overall probability of future funding for the project as reflected in the priority score, reviewer critiques, response of the PI to those critiques, and how the application will be modified for resubmission.
  • Additionally, evaluation will include demonstrated ongoing efforts of the PI in obtaining funding for the project (e.g. list of grant applications submitted within the past year), and the level of involvement of the PI in the IUSCC. Each application will be considered on its own merit.

Post-award management

After an award is made, an interim progress report will be required to determine if the funds are being used as originally proposed, milestones are being achieved and the timeline is on target.

Contact information:

A complete application in PDF format should be sent by e-mail to Elizabeth Parsons, eparsons@iupui.edu.


Contact Crystal Munson at crybanks@iupui.edu or Kaitlin Condron at kcondron@iu.edu for submission support (mapping/timeline) or Mark R. Kelley at mkelley@iu.edu for inquiries.