Cancer Drug Discovery & Development

A platform for integrated drug discovery and translation

When Lawrence Einhorn, MD, developed the cure for testicular cancer in the early 1970s, he gave hope to thousands of patients around the world and inspired countless cancer researchers to develop other therapies that might one day cure other cancers.

In 2019, IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center launched the Cancer Drug Discovery and Development (CDDD) initiative, with the goal of integrating emerging technologies/equipment and computational tools for new drug discovery and development.

Led by program co-leaders Chafiq Hamdouchi, PhD, and Mark Kelley, PhD, our primary focus is expanding accessible molecular space and drug development capabilities across and within our research cores.

20+faculty researchers

12industry consultants/collaborators

39projects in the pipeline

Anita Bellail, PhD, and Chunhai "Charlie" Hao, MD, PhD, discovered a novel anti-cancer drug, using a unique approach that has allowed them to target previously undruggable cancerous proteins.

When traditional drug discovery approaches failed, their team developed a cancer cell-based screening to identify a lead compound known as HB007, which slowed cancer growth in models.

Their findings were published in the October 2021 issue of Science Translational Medicine.

Crystal Baker,
CDDD Translational Research Coordinator & Project Manager, IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center


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