Breast Cancer & Black Women

Breast Cancer and Black Women: Research to Reduce Disparities

While Black women develop breast cancer at a lower rate compared to women of other racial and ethnic backgrounds, the cancer often occurs at a younger age and is more aggressive. For years, the medical community thought these disparities could be solely attributed to socioeconomic factors, but current research tells a much more complex story.

In this Simon Says Expert Series session, Lisa R. Hayes, JD, CCHW, breast cancer survivor and advocate, is joined by Kathy D. Miller, MD, and Hari Nakshatri, PhD, for a discussion on the work underway at the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center to unlock these complexities.

Drs. Miller and Nakshatri share how the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research is partnering with advocates and leveraging laboratory work, clinical research and the unique resource of healthy breast tissue to reach closer to health equity in breast cancer.


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