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Advancing cancer care through clinical trials

If you or a loved one has cancer—especially a rare or stubborn type—you’ve probably heard questions like, “Are there any experimental drugs you could try?” or “Have you heard about that new treatment I read about online?”

In many cases, you can answer “yes,” but making the decision to take part in a cancer research study can be overwhelming.

At IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, we have the facts you need to know about participating in a research study—and hundreds of actively recruiting clinical trials.

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200+Actively recruiting clinical trials

100+ Scientists, physicians, nurses, social workers, and technologists

2,000+Cancer patients enrolled statewide in 2021

Targeting disparities in cancer treatment and survivorship

While white women are more likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetimes, Black women are more likely to have aggressive types of cancers that occur at a younger age—and to die from breast cancer.

Our researchers are targeting health disparities like these in national clinical trials, and earning significant grants to continue their work.

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In oncology, clinical research is not just a standard of care, it’s the standard of care.

Dr. Tim Lautenschlaeger — Medical Director, Clinical Trials Office


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