Supportive Oncology

Reimagining Cancer Care: The Role of Supportive Oncology

The IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center is dedicated to increasing the availability of supportive oncology services and researching the impact on people living with cancer.

Supportive oncology complements traditional medical care by focusing on improving the experience of cancer through better verbal and electronic communication, more comprehensive symptom management, readily available psychological support, appropriate exercise and compassionate palliative care. Supportive oncology efforts also assist patients with decision-making and articulating care goals.

In this Simon Says session, Jim Cleary, MD, professor of medicine and Walther Senior Chair in Supportive Oncology at IU School of Medicine, discusses how cancer care can be more patient centered, while still providing optimal cancer-directed therapies. Katie McGill, executive director for cancer services at IU Health adult academic health center, moderates the event.


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