Planning for a Successful Office Visit

Talking About What Matters Most: Planning for a Successful Office Visit

People with cancer and their oncologists recognize there is often not enough time during the average office visit to talk about everything. In fact, frequently, important topics get lost. Research has demonstrated that a shared agenda can contribute to a more informative and satisfying conversation. How can you develop a shared agenda to make sure the information important to you is discussed and you receive answers to your pressing questions?

Please join communication researchers Dr. Richard Frankel and Ms. Ann Cottingham and IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center blood cancer specialist Dr. Larry Cripe in a discussion about how you can effectively set the agenda for your office visit. Building off Rich’s seminal work on the Four Habits of Highly Effective Clinicians, they will identify and evaluate strategies you can use to prioritize, prepare, and actively guide conversations with your oncologist.


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