In the Exam Room

In the Exam Room: A Conversation About the Conversations that Lead to High-Quality Cancer Care

Meaningful communication is the cornerstone of high-quality cancer care. Yet people with cancer, their friends and families, and members of their care team often struggle to talk about difficult topics. You are not alone if you have found yourself thinking: What do I say now? What questions do I have? Do I understand what was just said?

In this Simon Says Expert Series session, communication researchers Dr. Richard Frankel and Ms. Ann Cottingham and IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center blood cancer specialist Dr. Larry Cripe discuss these difficult yet crucial conversations. Rich, Ann, and Larry have conducted several studies on communication in cancer care and collaborated on the development of resources to support communication about difficult topics.

In this informative and interactive session, they cover common topics that patients and clinicians find difficult to discuss and offer strategies to overcome these difficulties, based upon their combined expertise and what they have learned over the years from people with cancer.


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