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Yet, it wasn’t that long ago that lung cancer was a rare diagnosis. It wasn’t until the beginning of the second half of the 20th century that more people were diagnosed with lung cancer. We can make it a rare diagnosis again.

We can achieve that by eliminating tobacco use in Indiana, maximizing the benefits of screening chest CT and making it possible for everyone to have access to a high-quality clinical trial.

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3rd Annual End Lung Cancer Now Gathering

Join us for a morning of engagement to kick off Lung Cancer Awareness Month as we discuss the importance of lung cancer advocacy to improve early diagnosis, reduce mortality, and lessen the stigma around the disease. It will be an educational and empowering event as we learn from national advocacy leaders.

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It’s time to end lung cancer

Together with advocates like Elyse, our End Lung Cancer Now initiative boldly sets out to turn the tide against this disease—eliminating tobacco use, screening all eligible patients with chest CT scans, and dramatically increasing participation in lung cancer research.

Meet Elyse, an End Lung Cancer Now advocate.

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Because tobacco products cause 80% to 90% of lung cancer and 34.1 million Americans still smoke daily, End Lung Cancer Now seeks to eliminate tobacco use in Indiana. Strategies to eliminate tobacco use include embedding advocates in prevention efforts at the youth level, working within existing organizations, and working with the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center on tobacco reduction programs.

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Screening chest CT scans significantly reduce mortality through early diagnosis of lung cancer, but less than 10% of those eligible participate in screenings. End Lung Cancer Now seeks to maximize screening chest CTs by integrating advocates into local programs and addressing statewide efforts, promoting advocacy within the community and government, and integrating screening chest CTs with other screening and prevention programs.

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Clinical trials

Advances in treatments come from clinical trials, yet less than 5% of patients participate. End Lung Cancer Now seeks to increase enrollment in clinical trials by educating the public and advocates on the benefits of research through increased awareness about recent advances in lung cancer research and dispelling myths about and reducing barriers to clinical research participation, with special attention to under-represented populations.

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Our mission is to educate and empower patient advocates to eliminate tobacco use in Indiana, screen all eligible patients with chest CT scans, and to dramatically increase participation in lung cancer research.

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Our vision is to end the suffering and death from lung cancer in Indiana