Breast Cancer

Breast LabThe Breast Cancer Research Program is a highly interactive program which combines basic, translational and clinical research skills with the scientific goals of understanding the biology underlying breast cancer, and  applying that understanding to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The program has been generously supported by the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer since 1999. Learn more about the foundation’s commitment to the program.

Scientific goals: The scientific goals of the program are advanced by focused work in three themes:

Theme 1: Cell signaling pathway alterations

Aim 1: Deregulated cell-cell communication

Aim 2: Cancer stem cell phenotype

Aim 3: Hormonal signaling and resistance

Theme 2: Genomic/epigenomic deregulation

Aim 1: Gene regulation

Aim 2: Telomerase dysfunction and inhibition

Aim 3: Characterization of the normal breast

Aim 4: MicroRNA (miRNA) networks

Theme 3: Therapeutic individualization

Aim 1: Biomarkers of recurrence and metastasis

Aim 2: Biomarkers of response and toxicity

Aim 3: Pathways driven clinical trials

Aim 4: Impact of treatment and disease on function