Pilot Projects

Cancer Biomarkers

A Request for Pilot Project Proposals Utilizing the Laboratory Correlates Working Group (LCWG)/Translational Research Core (TRC)

IU Simon Cancer Center is inviting pilot proposals from IUSCC Full, Associate or Affiliate  members whose research will utilize the newly developed Translational Research Core (TRC) for in-house drug development and/or correlative biological assays to validate mechanism(s) of action of drug candidates.  As such, the primary focus of the Translational Research Core (TRC) is biomarker development and coordination for all phases of investigator-initiated trials in the IUSCC.

Funding for this RFA will be allocated from the IUSCC, using the ITRAC mechanism/process.  Project budgets will be developed with the TRC personnel and based on the specific needs of the project.   Applicants must be IU Simon Cancer Center Full, Associate or Affiliate members. IUSCC Program Leaders and members of the IUSCC Executive Committee are not eligible for this pilot funding announcement.  

The duration of this pilot funding is one year.  It is expected that funds will lead to submission of proposals to externally peer-reviewed sources, such as the National Cancer Institute or American Cancer Society. Funds should not be used for fellowship or training purposes. Applicants may have received prior or current extramural research funding, but the proposed project should be independent from previous/current funded projects.  Proposals previously reviewed by a federal funding agency, scored favorably, and now under revision will be given additional consideration (a copy of the summary statement should be enclosed).

A one page letter of intent specifying the project hypothesis, significance, how the TRC will aid the project and aims should be submitted to Crystal Baker (crybanks@iupui.edu) or Kaitlin Condron (kcondron@iu.edu) and will be reviewed by the TRC Advisory Board/IUSCC Executive Committee on a rolling submission basis.  

Upon approval of the LOI, teams are required to complete a project map to be submitted with the full proposal for funding consideration.   

The body of the proposal should not exceed three pages plus one page for Aims and should follow NIH guidelines and formatting (total of 4 pages in length). The detailed budget will be included on the strategy map (to be completed with Crystal Baker or Kaitlin Condron) and can include personnel, supplies and equipment.  Proposals should not include percent effort (salary) for the Principal Investigator.  An electronic copy in PDF format will need to be submitted for review and should include:

  1. Abstract (NIH format; 30 lines; not included in page limit)
  2. Aims (1 page)
  3. Significance
  4. Innovation
  5. Approach
  6. ITRAC Map (to be completed by Crystal Munson or Kaitlin Condron with the project team)
  7. NIH biosketch of PI and any Co-PIs

The Significance, Innovation, and Approach sections should not exceed three pages and follow NIH guidelines and formatting. Aims page can be up to one page. Abstract should be standard NIH format length (30 lines).  Total of 4 pages in length plus 30 line abstract.

An expert review committee of IU Simon cancer center members with experience serving on study sections at the NCI and evaluating pilot proposals will be selected.  Previous pilot funding received by the PI and results (e.g. papers, grant submissions) of that pilot funding will be taken into consideration during the review process.  Final funding decisions will be made based on the review evaluations and rankings.

Criteria for review are:

  1. Scientific merit
  2. Multidisciplinary and translational nature
  3. Cancer relatedness
  4. Potential for subsequent peer reviewed funding

*Note: if you have received previous pilot funding, your outcomes from that funding will be evaluated and considered in this review. It is expected that all funding will lead to submission of externally reviewed research grants.  

The timetable is:

Letter of Intent: Rolling submission
Completed application: Following LOI approval

A complete application in PDF format should be sent to your respective Project Manager:

Crystal Munson
Phone: (317) 278-3312

Kaitlin Condron
Phone: (317) 278-3722