Clinical Trials Office


The IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office (CRO) provides the following services:

  • Facilitates the review of clinical research protocols for scientific merit by the Scientific Review Committee
  • Provides comprehensive clinical trials management services to clinical investigators of the cancer center for protocol development and conduct
  • Internal audits for the Data Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC), Education, Quality Program Manager and the IUSCC affiliate network
  • Provides administrative support and supervised audit staff for the Data Safety Monitoring Committee
  • Facilitates appropriate integration of the Biostatistics and Data Management Core into all aspects of the development, conduct and analysis of clinical trials
  • Integration and maintenance of databases for registration and tracking subjects on clinical trials and migration of the data into a single IUSCC database called OnCore
  • Maintenance of protocols, consents and eligibility checklists in OnCore and the Study Information Portal (SIP) console