Research for Behavioral Oncology and Cancer Control

Health Disparities Training

T32 Students and COE Assistants

Current events have underscored underlying disparities in our social structure and the impact of these disparities on health outcomes, including those of cancer. The catchment area of the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center includes the state of Indiana with rural, Black, and Hispanic populations, thereby providing an ideal environment for understanding and addressing issues of cancer disparities.

In addition to integrating health disparities throughout the curriculum, we provide the following specialized training to each pre- and postdoctoral trainee:

Erica Biederman
  • Dedicated course on health disparities in communities. Students learn to use social and behavioral science to inform research targeting underserved populations.
  • Individualized community outreach experience targeting underserved populations. Trainees select an experience consistent with their research area.
  • Inclusion of diverse populations in grant proposals written by trainees.
  • Engagement of IU faculty mentors with expertise in health disparities.
  • Meeting with a nationally acclaimed diversity scholar each year.