Deutsch Research Scholarship 2022

Researchers + donors = healthier patients

Clapp lab researchers and physician-scientists are acclaimed around the world, and the level of excellence and track record is reflected in national grants and clinical trial approval. Clapp and his colleagues reported the first effective treatment for NF1 tumors, and Clapp was named principal investigator in the first Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) initiative focused on pediatric cancers

Rhodes centers his research on finding therapies to treat and prevent NF1-associated MPNST, a sarcoma (cancers that begin in the bones and connective tissues) with a survival rate of 20 percent to 50 percent; the Clapp lab is developing models based on his findings to stop precancerous tumors from progressing to malignancy, thanks to donor support. While targeted therapies have revolutionized cancer treatment, patients’ tumors adapt and begin to resist; Angus is working with the Clapp lab on MPNST adaptation, a project with many donor partnership opportunities.


For her part, Mitchell — named an Outstanding Postdoc of the Year by the IU School of Medicine Graduate Division — has published and made presentations of her findings related to her work in the Clapp lab. 

Mitchell wants donors to know that IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center labs are “extremely good at using the money well. We’re very focused on what we can do for the biggest impact on patients. Our driving motivation, the question we’re always asking, is, ‘But what are we doing for the patients?’ Educating patients and connecting them with what we do so they have a deeper understanding of their disease is important to us. They’re just as much a part of this team as any of us, if not more so.”

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The Walter A. and Laura W. Deutsch Research Endowment supports Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows pursuing degrees in biomedical sciences who have demonstrated potential for conducting oncology research. Successful applicants are students or fellows with a strong academic record, outstanding character and well-defined professional goals.

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