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Sarath Chandra Janga, PhD

719 Indiana Ave., Ste 319
Walker Plaza Building
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 278-4147
Fax: (317) 278-9201

Research Program Membership

Unaligned member

Assistant Professor
BioHealth Informatics
IU School of Informatics

My Lab of Genomics and Systems Biology develops computational approaches to mine complex and heterogeneous data sources publicly available in biomedical sciences, with the goal of understanding how the regulation, structure and dynamics of biological systems shape the phenotypic landscape of an organism and its relevance to disease conditions. To achieve this overarching goal we exploit diverse sources of data, resulting from the ever increasing number of high-throughput technologies, to convert it into knowledge. Of particular interest to my research group are alterations and rewiring of post-transcriptional regulatory networks controlled by RNA-binding proteins. My lab is the first group to organize a reportoire of RBPs in humans and to study their expression and mutational alterations across dozens of cancer types (see publications from my group). We are starting to study epitranstromic alterations in a number of cancer types and how they contribute to the somatic mutational landscape

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Post-doctoral Fellowship - Institute for Genomic Biology, UIUC, IL 08/2012

Ph.D. - Universiyt of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK 07/2010