Shared Facilities

Chemical Genomics

Rapid advances in biomedical research are uncovering an increasing number of molecular targets relevant to human diseases, including cancer. While genetic approaches are useful to evaluating the role of these molecular targets in cellular processes and disease models, small molecules represent valuable orthogonal reagents permitting the interrogation of cellular processes and therapeutic development. The Chemical Genomics Core Facility was established to facilitate the discovery of small molecule tools for biological pathway analysis and for therapeutic development.

The mission of the Chemical Genomics Core is to provide Indiana University investigators with cost-effective access to high throughput screening and medicinal chemistry. The core is equipped with a large collection of structurally diverse, drug-like small molecules, a variety of automated liquid handling and assay detection instrumentation, modern equipment for organic synthesis, as well as a staff that is experienced in high-throughput screening and medicinal chemistry, who can work closely with each investigator through all stages of the drug discovery process. The services provided at the core facility enable investigators to discover small molecule tools for basic research, therapeutic development and diagnostic applications. The Chemical Genomics Core also provides an opportunity for IU students and fellows to gain experience and training in high-throughput screening and drug discovery campaigns.

For more information, visit the Chemical Genomics Core Facility Web site.