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Stephen J. Carter, Ph.D.
Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter, Ph.D.

1025 East 7th St.
Room 044
Bloomingtin, IN 47401
Phone: (812) 855-6593
Fax: (812) 855-3193

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Assistant Professor
IU Fairbanks School of Public Health

Dr. Carter's research interests include:

I’m presently leading (PI) a small (n = 36) randomized controlled pilot evaluating the feasibility of pre-exercise consumption of beetroot juice or placebo over an structured 8 week exercise progression in postmenopausal women. Results from this investigation will be used to determine preliminary effect sizes for exercise training only (control), placebo + exercise training (PL+EX), and beetroot juice + exercise training (BR+EX) to inform the direction of a larger randomized clinical trial changes in outcomes related to cardiovascular health. Additionally, my colleagues at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are performing a randomized controlled trial among breast cancer survivors to isolate the effects of exercise training on changes in gut microbiota, biomarkers or inflammation, and fatigue. Notably, I’m a Co-I on this investigation – having actively contributed on the grant (R01) write-up and dissemination of the pilot data via publications. Though my specialty has been in breast cancer – I’m eager to extend my experience with other cancer types. Fundamentally, I’m interested in the reciprocal relationship between psychology and physiology to influence human behavior (cognitive outcomes). I’m keen to work with patients prior to, during, and within the first 6 months of treatment. While I tend to gravitate toward interventions – I’m certainly interested in longer-term assessment to understand how treatment may be related to future health-related outcomes. An area I wish to pursue incorporating heat therapy (by itself or as an adjunct) to offset the burdens of cancer cachexia, and in so doing, augment microvascular health, skeletal muscle strength, and mobility in onco-geriatric populations.

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Post-doctoral Fellowship - The University of Alabama-Birmingham 11/2015

Ph.D. - The Universitiy of Alabama-Birmingham 05/2014

Post-doctoral Fellowship - University of Alabama-Birmingham 04/2018