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Jessica Yesensky, M.D.
Jessica Yesensky

Jessica Yesensky, M.D.

1130 W Michigan St.
FH 400
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (630) 244-1021

Research Program Membership

Associate member:

Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery
IU School of Medicine

Dr. Yesensky's research interests include:

1. Cutaneous malignancies, specifically cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. I am working to establish a clinical trial evaluating role sentinel lymph node biopsy in moderate to high risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in conjunction with Dr. Ally-Khan Somani. This will lead to further collaborative studies investigating and identifying better treatment regimens. In collaboration with the Department of Dermatology, we will be establishing an institutional database of cutaneous malignancies. 2. Cancer Cachexia. We have already started work on evaluating cachexia in head and neck cancer patients. We are currently working specifically on tumor burden and degree of cachexia as well as evaluating outcomes in free flap patients with cachexia.

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Residency - University of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago, IL 6/2018

Internship - University of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago, IL 6/2014

M.D. - Rush University Medical College, Chicago, IL 6/2013

Fellowship - University of California-Davis, Sacramento, CA 06/2019