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Ann Kimble-Hill, PhD
Ann Kimble-Hill

Ann Kimble-Hill, PhD

635 Barnhill Drive
MS 4053
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 278-1763

Research Program Membership

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Assistant Research Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Kimble-Hill's research interests include:

My approach to biophysics is to integrate principles from physics, physical chemistry and chemical/mechanical engineering to define mechanisms that drive important biochemical processes in cancer initiation and metastasis. To that end, my laboratory works in two parallel areas, structure and function of both membrane proteins and lipids, correlating the information gained in both approaches to give insight for future modulation of cellular signaling gone awry. was awarded a K01 award from the National Cancer Institute that allowed me to develop an independent research program, which led to a current collaboration with Dr. Clark Wells (IUSM Biochemistry) to understand the role of Amot lipid binding in ductal cell hyperplasia/tumor genesis as Amot family members directly control the apical membrane organization and transcriptional cofactors sequestration to regulate cell growth. In addition, my lab is now trying to understand the role of type 2 diabetes in the health disparities of breast cancer. In these projects, we look at how this metabolic dysfunction in the breast micro-environment causes changes to the lipidome, particularly in the phosphatidylinositols that have implications for cancerous phenotypes.

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Post-doctoral Fellowship - IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 2009-2015

Post-doctoral Fellowship - Argonne National Laboratory, Lemot, IL 2008-2009

Ph.D. - Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN 05/2008