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Joan E. Haase, Ph.D., R.N.
Joan Haase

Joan Haase, Ph.D., R.N.

1111 Middle Drive
NU 481
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 274-2982

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Emily Holmquist Professor
Pediatric Oncology Nursing
IU School of Nursing

Dr. Haase's research interests include:

My broad research interest is in Positive Health, the idea that knowledge of individual and family strengths and the ways people positively adjust are potentially useful to guide interventions to assist those who are at risk for poor adjustment and poor outcomes. Specifically, my research focuses on the empirical basis for interventions designed to improve resilience and quality of life in cancer patients and their families. My Resilience in Illness Model specifies the ways that individual protective factors (e.g. courageous coping, hope, spiritual perspective), family protective factors (e.g. family strengths and communication), and social protective factors (e.g. connectedness with health care providers and peers) mediate illness-related distress to improve resilience and quality of life outcomes. I am currently collaborating with others to test music based interventions to enhance resilience and quality of life outcomes for adolescents/young adults and their families. A key factor influencing Resilience is communication and a second focus of my research is palliative and end of life communication among patients, nurses, and health care providers. I am currently working with others to develop a physician/nurse dyad communication intervention for parents of children with brain tumors. To study the often elusive concepts related to resilience and quality of life, I have ongoing interest in mixed methods research approaches that are useful for theory development as a foundation for empirically testable interventions. These include model testing and qualitative approaches, especially phenomenology. I am also interested in cultural differences in cancer experiences and resilience outcomes. The research being done in this area is focused on African American breast Cancer survivors and on adolescent/young adult cancer survivors in Taiwan.

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M.S.N. - University of California Los Angeles

B.S.N. - Cornell University-New York Hospital, New York

Post-doctoral Fellowship - University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Ph.D. - Texas Women's University, Denton, TX