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Erin V. Newton, M.D.
Erin Newton

Erin Newton, M.D.

200 W. 103rd St.
Carmel, IN 46290
Phone: (317) 948-5980
Fax: (317) 948-5981

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Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Department of Medicine

Dr. Newton's research interests include:

As a general oncologist, I am uniquely situated to help grow IUSCC's presence in the community. The reputation of our cancer center is excellent and extensive, and I am very hopeful that I can solidify our foothold on the north side of Indianapolis. That being said, I am counting on the ability of the clinical trials team to support accrual of our "outreach" patients to a variety of protocols. One realistic goal in mind is to build a robust extension of IUSCC that provides top-notch multidisciplinary patient care, rigorous participation in research/clinical trials and, eventually, an environment that can better support education of students, residents, and fellows. A secondary but equally important interest of mine is that involving supportive care. Keeping in mind that practice patterns are individual, it is my hope to be able to standardize the way that this cancer center practices palliative medicine. This may in the form of agreed-upon treatment algorithms for a variety of symptoms (pain, nausea, dyspnea) and/or in the form of establishing a specialty consultation service. In addressing this need for inpatients, outpatients, IUPUI campus patients and our community patients, we will be more completely caring for the spectrum of disease we see.

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Fellowship - University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH 2000-2003

Residency - University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH 1997-2000

M.D. - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 1993-1997