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Specimen Catalog

Please note: Some body sites and diagnoses are reserved for internal researcher use only. Information on this table is subject to change.

  Cancer FFPE Tissue Blocks Normal FFPE Tissue Blocks Cancer Frozen Tissue Normal Frozen Tissue Cancer Blood Type (Plasma, WB, Buffy Coat) Normal Blood Type (Plasma, WB, Buffy Coat) Cancer Other (Urine, Saliva) Normal Other (Urine, Saliva)Grand Total
Breast/Torso7411364558112030903491 7223
Cardiovascular 121    4
Endocrine115719254115  168
Extremity13819020416423715  948
Filter out HEME and Nerves133555   67
GI (Gastrointestinal)11912090100716513663174219779
GU (Genitourinary)269425612901308052712534131217185
Gynecology6164855874051160543  3796
Head and Neck5746834525602298924235496
Lower Respiratory and Lung273716327460115859  2993
Lymphatic System15332733487  163
Skin74356922306 1 507
Grand Total63288218615675261732723394191648329

Fee for Service Rates

Effective: July 1, 2020

If you are a cancer center member, please contact Kristina Taylor at kristtay@iu.edu or 317-274-3893, for additional rate information.