Membership Criteria

Members will be reviewed annually by program leaders and the senior leaders of the center. Based on feedback from this group, investigators may be given membership or a change of status (including probation) by the director. Eligibility criteria for IUSCCC membership varies according to the types of membership:

Full membership is designed primarily for research or clinical faculty who fulfill most of the criteria below:

  • Full-time faculty member
  • Principal Investigator on an actively funded NCI or other peer-reviewed, cancer-related research grant (as defined by NCI guidelines) OR Principal Investigator of IUSCCC Investigator Initiated Trial OR service as protocol chairperson for a national peer-reviewed (CTEP) clinical trial OR service as a senior leader of a national peer-reviewed funded cooperative group OR service as a lead investigator initiated cancer related clinical trial and
  • Publish on cancer-related research; intra-programmatic and inter-programmatic collaborative publications of highest priority
  • Full members will have two years after losing peer-reviewed grant funding to renew their funding or their status will change to inactive. Full members without funding but have pending peer-reviewed grants may be continued as a Full Member on a case-by-case basis.
  • In addition, full members must have published within the last three years or the membership status will change to inactive.

Associate membership is designed for newly recruited full-time research faculty who have not obtained cancer related funding and are in their start-up period. While, at the time of membership, they are not required to have peer-reviewed support or play a significant role in a national cooperative group, they must show the promise of attaining these goals and their progress is reviewed as a part of the annual review process. It is anticipated that full membership will be attained in six years or less via peer-reviewed funding or through investigator-led clinical research.

Associate membership is also designed for research assistant professors/research scientists. Research assistant professors/research scientists who are admitted as associate members will have an initial membership appointment for three years. At the end of three years, their membership will be reviewed upon the following criteria:

  • Has he/she attempted to obtain or obtained independent funding?
  • Has he/she been a corresponding author of any publications?
  • Has he/she worked toward becoming an independent investigator?

If they do not meet these criteria at the end of three years, their membership will be changed from associate to affiliate member.

Affiliate membership is designed for non-clinical, full- or part-time faculty who are either on tenure track (e.g. Assistant, Associate, or Full Professorship rank) or non-tenure track (e.g. Research Scientist rank) and who advance the mission of the IUSCCC through research, service and/or education may be appointed as an Affiliate member of the IUSCCC. Membership will require review of the application by the Executive Committee and final approval by the director. These members will receive announcements on center-wide activities, such as educational seminars and other relevant activities. In select cases, Affiliate members may be assigned to specific programs and may be invited to center/programmatic retreats. The Affiliate members are not eligible to apply for pilot funding or shared resource subsidies, unless otherwise specified by RFAs.​

Trainee membership is designed for graduate students, postdocs, and fellows involved in cancer research. Trainee members will have exclusive access to travel funding awards and receive invitations to cancer center events and trainee programs. The Trainee members will be required to provide contact information to maintain communications with them and to follow-up with them as they progress in their careers.