Summer Research Program

How to Apply

Please read all of the instructions carefully to ensure accurate completion and correct processing of this application.

Program Description

Applicants are expected to actively participate in all aspects of the program, including professional development.

The following are helpful tips about the application:

General Information

In this section, please fill in the blanks with corresponding information.

Academic Information

Please provide your school history. This part of the application may vary due to your academic status and you may not be able to complete all the sections here.

Also notice that this application requires you to attach your transcript. This does not need to be an official sealed copy, but in many instances an unofficial copy can be found at your institution’s registrar page. Please have an electronic copy in PDF format available to upload before you begin filling out the application.

References and Personal Statement

Follow the instructions given for listing your references.

This section will also outline the personal statement required. Please carefully read the essay questions and follow the format guidelines given. You will be asked to enter your personal statement to complete the application process, so please have an electronic copy available before you begin filling out the application.

Letter of Recommendation Request

All applicants must provide a minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation. These should be from separate individuals who can support and recommend you to participate in the program. You will be asked to provide email addresses for the individuals who will be writing your letters of recommendation. These individuals will be notified at the completion of this application via email.