Summer Research Program (SRP)

How to Apply

Please read all of the instructions carefully to ensure accurate completion and correct processing of this application.

Preparing to Apply

Academic Transcripts: Your application will require you to upload school transcripts. Please prepare by downloading them from your school or requesting a copy from your school’s administration. Please note that some programs require an official copy with a seal. We will accept an informal download as long as the information has not been altered. 

Personal Statement: Please prepare a document in which you describe why you are interested in participating in the Summer Research Program. You will upload it to the application. 

Resume. This is optional. If you have already prepared a resume, we encourage you to upload it in the application. 

Recommendation Letters. All applicants must provide a minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation. When you complete the General Information part of the application, you will receive a link to provide email addresses for the individuals who will be writing your letters of recommendation. These individuals will then be automatically notified of your request. It is recommended that you identify two separate individuals who can support your application and recommend you; it’s also recommended that you first get their approval before you provide their emails on your application link. 

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If after reading this page you still have questions about the SRP application, contact Elmer Sanders, program coordinator, at