Meet Dr. Rafat Abonour

Dr. Rafat Abonour riding in 2020

It hurts Dr. Abonour’s heart to see what his patients endure. The treatments are difficult and arduous. Miles for Myeloma is a way for him to say, ‘I am with you because I believe in a better future for all of us.  

Amber Senseny — Director of Development, IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center
Dr. Rafat Abonour and fellow Miles for Myeloma riders in 2018

He’s making science count for patients. And giving the gift of hope and life to patients and their families. There’s no greater gift than this.

Ken Anderson, MD — Kraft Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

As long as there is myeloma, and as long as he can physically get on a bike, he’s not going to stop.

Rabi Abonour — Rafat’s son and a regular M4M rider
Dr. Rafat Abonour in 2015

And in his own words …

“I just hate this disease. It is a horrible disease. I know that everybody will eventually pass away—I’m not going to change destiny. But I want them to live the life that they have dreamt of.

Dr. Rafat Abonour


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