Chuckstrong Initiative

I am very humbled, very honored that our legacy will hopefully live a lot longer than Tina and I, and we will be able to help future researchers, doctors and scientists keep working and achieve our ultimate goal–to find a cure for all cancers.

Chuck Pagano–retired NFL coach and leukemia survivor

The Chuckstrong impact: New recruits, new equipment

In 2018, Rachel Katzenellenbogen, MD, joined IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center as the inaugural Chuck and Tina Pagano Scholar.

Dr. Katzenellenbogen – or Dr. K, as Coach calls her – studies the fundamental way human papillomavirus (HPV) drives cancer development and progression and is identifying ways to detect and disrupt these pathways to intervene early in treatment.

Rachel Katzenellenbogen, MD, demonstrating a REVOLVE microscope.

Whether it’s new faculty or new technology, IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center is stronger because of Coach Pagano and community support for the Chuckstrong initiative.


To learn more about the Chuckstrong initiative’s impact at IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, contact Ashleigh Wahl, assistant director of development, at 317-274-7409 or


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