Research Newsletter - November 2022

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For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Francesca Duncan, M.D., discusses her research on health disparities in lung cancer on LinkedIn.

Five years

  • Tori Alston
  • Ann Blakley
  • MacKenzie Church
  • Regina Cohen
  • Kaitlin Condron
  • Maddy Demo-Dananberg
  • Rana German
  • Alison Hughes
  • Gavin Needler
  • Jessica Norfleet
  • Chelsea Olson
  • Jackson Richey
  • Lori Tyson

10 years

  • Stephanie Fritz
  • Phillip Luzader
  • Matthew Repass
  • Katie Robinson
  • Lauren Roland
  • Pamela VanderVere-Carozza

15 years

  • Bobbie Frye
  • Jill Henry
  • Carol Sampson
  • Michael Schug
  • Lina Sego
  • Demark Van

20 years

  • Derrick Hawkins
  • Mary James
  • Joshua Nichols
  • Amber Senseny

25 years

  • Deborah Buckles
  • Elizabeth Parsons
  • Greg Sander

35 years

  • Kimberly Burrows

Member headlines and highlights

Kenneth Nephew

Kenneth Nephew, Ph.D. (TMM), has been newly appointed the Dean of the Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Academy. His multi-year appointment will start in January. The goal of the Ovarian Cancer Academy is to develop successful, highly productive ovarian cancer researchers in a collaborative research training environment.

Jennifer BelskyJennifer Belsky, D.O. (CPC), received a three-year, $30,000 funding commitment from the Heroes Foundation for her research on decreasing the detrimental side effects children and teens experience while receiving cancer therapy. Read the announcement.
Edward GreenfieldEdward Greenfield, Ph.D. (TMM), was awarded the $100,000 Kenneth and Verna Mae Jessen Award from the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium Foundation. He was honored on Nov. 19 during the annual Big Ten CRC Summit in Columbus, Ohio. Learn more about the award in the announcement.
Anna Maria StornioloAnna Maria Storniolo, M.D. (CPC), was recently a guest on the goodMRKT Live! podcast, where she discussed breast cancer research, survival, and a future full of hope. Listen to the podcast.