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Doctors all over the world conduct research studies known as clinical trials. More than 100 scientists and physicians, nurses, social workers and technologists at the IU Simon Cancer Center dedicate their professional lives to advancing cancer care through clinical trials.

Standard therapy does not help all cancer patients. Thus, researchers at IU Simon Cancer Center continue their search for new treatments and, hopefully, new cures. Today’s clinical trials are tomorrow’s standard therapies.

Clinical trials may be an option for you. Read more about clinical trials in this section and how to find available trials near you. Clinical trials are also available through Hoosier Cancer Research Network, the community clinical research arm of the IU Simon Cancer Center.

Lung Cancer Clinical Trial

One of the latest clinical trials open at the IU Simon Cancer Center is a study that may help answer questions about the role of immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy in treating lung cancer patients whose disease worsened after initial response to immunotherapy. The randomized phase II study, known as HCRN LUN15-233, involves docetaxel (also known as Taxotere) with or without nivolumab (also known as Opdivo). Learn more.

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