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Huanmei Wu

Huanmei Wu, Ph.D.

723 W. Michigan St.
SL 220G
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 278-1692

Research Program Membership

Unaligned member

Associate Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science
School of Engineering and Technology at Purdue University

Associate Professor
IU School of Informatics

To apply database, data mining and data mining for medical information to improve treatment delivery and health care for cancer patients, which includes: (1) Analyze and mine the heterogeneous patient information and discover the correlations between a set of key factors and a certain type of diseases. (2) Modeling, analysis and prediction of moving tumors, induced by respiratory motion, for effective treatment of image guided radiation treatment. (3) Discover the association rules between patient physiological information and tumor motion patterns and better radiation dose delivery. (4) Management of patient biomedical information for quality assurance and better patient care.

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Ph.D. - Northeastern University, Boston, MA 2002-2005

M.S. - Northeastern University, Boston, MA 2001-2003