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Grzegorz Nalepa, M.D., Ph.D.

1044 W. Walnut St.
R4 421
Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 274-9846

Research Program Membership

Associate member

Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Hematology/Oncology
IU School of Medicine

Assistant Professor
Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics

The research in our lab aims to understand how abnormal cell division leads to cancer. We combine genome-wide RNAi screening technologies with high-throughput automated microscopy to find new cell cycle genes in the human genome. We then determine whether signaling pathways controlled by these genes are potential targets for future clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. Our previous RNAi screening work has identified several cancer-associated candidate regulators of chromosome segregation, such as the CDKN3 phosphatase and the Fanconi anemia signaling pathway. We are currently validating these findings using ex vivo and in vivo disease models, with the ultimate goal to use this mechanistic information for rational therapeutic targeting of cancers resulting from inactivation of these genes. In a recent collaboration with the Clapp lab, we have pursued a genome-wide screen aimed to identify novel therapeutic targets in neurofibromatosis. These experiments are currently ongoing.

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Fellowship - Indiana University, School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 2009-2012

Internal Medicine Residency - Indiana University, School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 2009

Post-doctoral Fellowship - Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 2005-2006

Ph.D. - Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 2005

M.D. - Silesian School of Medicine, Zabrze, Poland 1999