Research Programs

Experimental & Developmental Therapeutics

Therapeutics LabThe Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics (EDT) Program is a multidisciplinary program that promotes and facilitates the development of new cancer therapies from bench to bedside. The scientific goal of the EDT Program is to discover and develop novel cancer therapeutics, fitting well with the overall mission of the IU Simon Cancer Center.

Scientific goals: The scientific goals of the program are advanced by focused work in three themes:

Theme 1: Target identification and validation

Aim 1: To target DNA repair pathways

Aim 2: To target protein-protein interaction

Aim 3: To target signaling molecules and enzymes

Theme 2: Discovery and development of novel anti-cancer agents

Aim 1: Develop protein tyrosine phosphatase-based novel anti-cancer agents

Aim 2: Design novel strategies to prevent chemotherapy induced neuronal damage

Aim 3: Pursue epigenetic interventions in cancer

Theme 3: Mechanisms of drug action and clinical trials

Aim 1: Biomarkers and molecular pharmacology

Aim 2: Clinical trials (phase I, II, and III) for solid tumors in adults and children