Experimental & Developmental Therapeutics

Therapeutics LabThe mission of the Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics (EDT) research program is to promote, develop and exploit mechanism-based research for improved therapy of human cancer. The objectives of EDT are: 1.) To elucidate novel cancer-selective targets for development of antitumor agents; 2.) To develop novel antitumor agents that are specifically directed at cancer targets; and 3.) To develop preclinical and clinical studies of cancer-selective antitumor targets with associated novel biomarkers.

The program has two themes:

Theme 1: Novel cancer-selective targets and antitumor agents towards therapeutic development

  • Aim 1: To investigate roles of DNA repair, genetic instability and maintenance.
  • Aim 2: To elucidate targets in cell signaling cascades and metabolism.

Theme 2: Mechanism-based research trials

  • Aim 1: To translate preclinical studies of epigenetics and selective antitumor agents.
  • Aim 2: To conduct mechanism-based clinical trials.