Why Immunotherapy Matters

Rebuilding health: Victor’s story

After four rounds of chemotherapy, Victor Rigdon’s lung cancer wasn’t spreading—but his tumor wasn’t shrinking. That’s when his oncologist, Greg Durm, MD, recommended a new option: a recently approved immunotherapy drug called Tencentriq.

Victor Rigdon a carpenter at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, can fix just about anything

The drug blocks a protein on the surface of cancer cells—a checkpoint inhibitor—unmasking them and enabling immune cells to snuff them out. Drugs like this are becoming frontline therapies, and researchers at the Brown Center are investigating how well they work when paired with chemotherapy drugs.

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Precision medicine and immunotherapy have been transformational in the outlook for many patients with lung cancer.

Nasser Hanna, MD — Tom and Julie Wood Family Foundation Professor of Lung Cancer Clinical Research


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