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Trial Summary

Protocol No.CTO-IUSCCC-0758
Principal InvestigatorBallinger, Tarah
Age GroupAdult
TitleTargeting progesterone signaling for breast cancer prevention in BRCA1 carriers: a pilot study
DescriptionThe purpose of this study is to examine how a single dose of MIFEPREXģ (mifepristone) affects the breast tissue in patients with BRCA1 (a gene that normally acts to restrain the growth of cells in the breast, but if it mutates may lead to breast cancer) mutations undergoing a planned prophylactic mastectomy (having one or both breasts removed).
Key EligibilityIn order to be eligible to take part in this trial, patients must meet the following criteria:
  • Known pathogenic germline BRCA1 mutation. The mutation must have been discovered by a CLIA- approved next generation sequencing panel (such as Myriad, Invitae, Ambry, etc) and confirmed by the PI.
  • Planning to undergo prophylactic risk reducing mastectomy
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Applicable Disease SitesBreast
Participating InstitutionsIndiana University (IU)
    Treatment TypePrevention
    ContactPhone: (317) 278-5632