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Trial Summary

Protocol No.IUSCC-0677
Principal InvestigatorNewton, Erin
Age GroupAdult
TitleDaily Hand-Held Vibration Therapy for the Treatment of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN): A Pilot Study
DescriptionThe purpose of this pilot study is to determine the safety and feasibility of a daily 3-minute hand-held vibration therapy intervention to reduce the severity of CIPN in the hands. The investigators hypothesize that daily vibration therapy can reduce the severity of patient's CIPN in their hands and improve CIPN-related quality of life. The hope is that results from this study will provide early data on the feasibility, efficacy, and most importantly, safety, of daily 3-minute hand-held vibration therapy needed to justify future clinical trials examining vibration therapy as a potential option for treating CIPN in the future.
Key EligibilityIn order to be eligible to take part in this trial, patients must meet the following criteria:
  • Have non-metastatic cancer
  • Have completed chemotherapy ≥ 60 days prior to enrollment
For a full list of participation criteria, please visit
Applicable Disease SitesAny Site
Participating InstitutionsIndiana University (IU)
    Treatment TypeSupportive Care
    ContactPhone: (317) 278-5632