IUPUI Signature Center for Brain and Neurological Tumors

Shared Resources for GBM Research

The coordinated efforts by the BTWG to improve the lives of patients with brain cancer relies heavily upon the outstanding shared resources provided by the cancer center, close collaborative links with other cancer center programs, the Neurosurgery Foundation at Goodman-Campbell as well as Dr. Pollok’s laboratory and collaborators. The group continues to develop into a comprehensive program that includes more than 20 neuroscientists, cancer biologists and physicians (neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists) among its highly interactive membership. Currently, the members of the group are drawn from 15 academic departments from across the Indiana University School of Medicine, CTSI, IU Bloomington and Purdue. The group shares the common goals of advancing the understanding of normal and neoplastic development and brings together investigators who represent relevant areas of neuroscience and tumor biology. The premise from the beginning has been to enable interactions between basic and clinical scientists to design and implement high quality, feasible, fundable multi-investigator translational research projects to understand how to therapeutically modulate aberrant signaling pathways in brain cancer. 

Scientific Infrastructure and Shared Resources

The IUPUI Signature Center for Brain and Neurological Tumors is pleased to offer a myriad of shared technologies and resources, including preliminary data.  Contact Reza Saadatzedeh (msaadatz@iupui.edu) for further information on acquisition of patient tissue, primary patient-derived GBM cell lines and humanized xenograft models.