IUPUI Signature Center for Brain and Neurological Tumors

The IUPUI Signature Center for Brain and Neurological Tumors, initiated by the IU Simon Cancer Center Brain Tumor Working Group (BTWG), is a distinctive and vibrant research entity and an important cornerstone for IUPUI as it leads the way in developing world-class research and innovation designed to substantially improve the prognosis and quality of life for patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Contributions of the Center:

  1. Established research members with various expertise and novel scientific projects to work in a highly coordinated, focused and team-based approach
  2. An infrastructure (with help from the center initiative) to advance in vivo intracranial tumor models and study tumor progression, evaluate new targets, and test new treatments for GBM
  3. A pipeline, already established by Drs. Aaron Cohen-Gadol and Karen Pollok to obtain, analyze and distribute primary patient glioma specimens from the operating room to the research laboratory
  4. Productive interactions between basic scientists and physician scientists to ensure we are addressing clinically relevant questions/observations/needs

Many new, multi-investigator collaborations continue to emerge from this venue which in turn fosters co-authored papers and multi-investigator grant submissions (see internal and external submissions).  

Sig Center Graphic