Funding Opportunities

Pilot Projects

High Risk, High Reward

The IU Simon Cancer Center invites pilot feasibility proposals from IUSCC members who have ideas that have the potential for high impact, but may be considered too novel or are at a stage that is too early to fare well in the traditional peer review process.

A primary goal of the IU Simon Cancer Center is to stimulate multidisciplinary and translational research. One way to address this goal is to support highly innovative projects that address some of the new challenges in cancer research. The purpose of this mechanism is to provide assistance to IUSCC members who have creative, outside-of-the-box proposal ideas that would be considered “high risk” during a traditional peer review. 

Funding will be allocated from the IUSCC using the ITRAC project management process and will be based on need (approximately $40,000 to $50,000 per project). The IUSCC is particularly interested in receiving applications from investigators who, with this additional support, are likely to obtain extramural peer-reviewed funding. Applicants must have full or associate membership at the IU Simon Cancer Center. Funds cannot be used for fellowship or training purposes. Applicants may have received prior or current extramural research funding, but the proposed project should clearly be separate from previous/current funded projects.

Anticipated frequency of funding announcements: Once per year


For questions about the IUSCC “High Risk, High Reward” Pilot Project Funding Mechanism or the ITRAC process, please contact Mark R. Kelley at or Crystal Munson at